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Coni , Fine Artist from  Chile. Studied Bachelor in Arts and after she did an assortment of different workshops including film, art direction, animation, photography .  Landed a roll of art director in two theater companies and has been a member of 3 art groups : Light Club , 3DSD and 3D Sand Art as art director and photographer. The last 3 years  she have been working as a tattoo artist, currently working at Art Body Tattoo Shop in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.


Recurrent material Coni’s use is the oil on circle canvas. The circle canvas makes more sense.  The circle is a pattern of nature, the cells, planets, micro-macro cosmos, the cycle, sagred geometry, etc.  And is used as a symbol of wholeness, equality, is infinite without beginning or end.

Tattoo now open for her many more possibilities of expression, different techniques and inspirations are endless. It is a world to know and you never stop learning. Coni enjoys tattooing all styles but especially dot work, cross hatching using thin lines and colour  tattoo pieces. “I put my upmost into every tattoo I do to give my customers a piece they will be proud and happy to carry for the rest of their life.

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