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3d Sand Art

“A stick and a beach can provide an infinite number of creative possibilities. Our imaginations and the collaborative effort of our small group turns those creative ideas into visual reality.”


Started with the group 3DSD in Mount Maunganui,New Zealand.  Their creations went renownall over the world, the group was combining the diverse talents of 3 artists. Each artist were from a different country and brings their own unique set of artistic skills to the group.

Now, Constanza Nightingale (Chile) and  David Rendu (France) are still together  createing very large imaginative 3 dimensional drawings on the beach using the technique of anamorphosis.

The work  is ephemeral art where time, the communicative act, and directive intent are fundamental.

The artworks provide an acute awareness of time and acts as a metaphor for the brevity of life.

As the tide rises and covers the work it is permanently erased from the beach making the art experience transitory unlike pictures hanging in a gallery for a period of time. The works impermanence is also symbolic of many other aspects of daily life.

Using a simple stick and a selection of rakes they can create textures, contrast and perspective.

Adding people into their final pieces. This makes the works interactive for the enthusiastic crowds who often arrive to watch the art in progress.  This connects the people with their performance art, making it accessible and fun. They have presented emblematic icon , mainstream sport and surrealist landscapes. There is something for everyone to identify with. 


Now they are travelling through New Zealand, Australia, and soon Europe to show their new creation aim to inspire and entertain people.


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