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How I became a Tattoo Artist 

My love of art started early…


I grew up in Talca, a small town in Chile. As a child I really like school - the new colour pencils, pens and books - I loved it! The art classes were my favourite. I grew up surrounded by art. My grandmother was a painter and so was my uncle, home was full art with paintings from floor to ceiling. I started painting and drawing as a young kid after my grandmother gave me oils to paint with.

Life before tattoo art


Before becoming a tattoo artist, I did a bachelor of fine arts and got mentions on painting and sculpture. I did other courses in art direction, filming, stop motion and contemporary dance. I worked as an art director for 2 theatre companies and co-created 3D sand art, a project of drawing with 3D effect on beaches. I was part of the drawing team and the photographer.

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Getting started


I started my training to become a tattoo artist in 2012 when I lived in Tauranga. At first I started on my own by watching videos a practicing on pig skin, fake skins and oranges. I started looking for an apprenticeship and through a friend of a friend I eventually meet Ra, my mentor, an amazing artist and beautiful person. I started practicing on skin, with him next to me showing me all the different tattooing techniques and safety. Following that I went to Melbourne where I learned a lot with renowned tattoo artists. After a year in Melbourne I was missing beautiful New Zealand too much, so I came back to Mount Maunganui and worked as a tattoo artist there for 4 years.

Moving to Northland


After a trip to Northland my husband and I started looking for land to buy. We eventually found our paradise next to the coast (after 2 years of looking).  After moving to the Tutukaka Coast I started working for Insight Tattoo in Whangarei and worked there for 5 years. I love the small community feel out here on the coast and it’s full of beautiful people. There are amazing beaches for swimming, surfing and fishing and as a permaculturist, it has great weather and good conditions.


Why I love being a tattoo artist


There are many things I love about being a tattoo artist. I love being able to express my art on skin forever. I love the whole process - from the first consult with the client to creating the best design and composition I can with the most crazy ideas and at the end I get to see the clients so happy. That makes me really happy. I love the equipment, learning different techniques and skills and always learning something new. Tattooing changed my life and made me a better artist and I hope to be doing it for a very long time.

What I want for my clients


I want my clients to feel happy and relax during the Tattoo session. In fact I’ve had many clients fall asleep they were so comfortable. I want it to be a special moment they will remember forever. After the tattoo is complete I want them to love their new tattoo and hopefully leave the studio dreaming about what they want next.


Life outside the tattoo studio


I start every day with a yoga stretch and some exercise. I spend lots of my free time growing vegetables. I’m into permaculture and herbalism. I enjoy landscaping, going to the beach most days, playing with our best friend Tiki (our dog), swimming, fishing, taking care of our chickens, cooking and eating good food and enjoying different arts like painting and printing (carving on Lino or wood).

Education & Work History

Academic Record


  • Bacheler of Fine Arts, Finis Terrae University, Santiago, Chile. 2004 - 2007.

  • Bach Flower Therapist, Span Centre, Santiago, Chile. 2008 - 2011.

  • Audiovisual Course at Balmaceda 1215, Santiago, Chile. 2008

  • Art Direction Diploma at Balmaceda 1215, Santiago, Chile 2008


Work History


2022-2023: Private own studio, CoNi tattoo studio

2018-2022 :  Tattoo artist at Insight Tattoo, Whangarei, New Zealand.

2015- 2017 : Tattoist at ART+BODY Creative, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.

2015: Tattoist at Body Gallery, St.Kilda, Melbourne, Australia.


2013 :  3DSD project and 3D sand art , New Zealand 

2012: Start Tattoing


2008:  Art Direction, design and manufacture of "Shivering Lear" , in "Company Hand."


 2007-2008:  Art Director at "Company's La Patrana,",did  two short films  based on "King Lear" by Shakespeare and "King and the Beggar" by Nicanor Parra.                          


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